Say goodbye to thick, scratch prone, break prone lenses.

Welcome to the world of thin, high-quality lenses. The thinner the lens, the lesser it weighs and the better it looks. That is why at British Optics, we have only two types of lenses – Thin (Refractive Index 1.60) and Super Thin (Refractive Index 1.67). The super thin lenses are 33% thinner than standard plastic lenses. This allows you to choose delicate frames even if you have a high power prescription.

Our lenses are made from MR 8 and MR 7, high quality materials which have superior break resistance, UV protection and scratch resistance properties. In addition, we offer Anti –Glare and Water Repellant coatings which are very useful for better clarity and longevity of lenses.

All our lenses are Aspheric. Simply speaking, it means the lenses are flatter than traditional lenses (think Flat screen TVs). Hence, no distortion of vision at the edges.

All British Optics lenses are made to world class specifications and come with a one year warranty.

British Optics lenses are suitable for all age groups.

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Water Repellant

BO lenses also come with the water repellant coating for better clarity and longevity.

UV Protected

British Optics lenses are made from MR8 and MR7, high quality materials. They are also UV400 protective and scratch resistant.